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I'm coming to walk out to THE POINT, get arrested, and sue the government for denying me my Life, Liberty, & Pursuit of Happiness by closing an area that provides me all three.

There is no American that can deny me these rights - none at all.

Yes, there are corrupt laws that can try and they have and there are corrupt law enforcement departments that blindly enforce such stupidity without thinking or speaking out themselves for what they know is right - why you may ask and it is quite simple indeed - they love power and they need their jobs.

On one of the next perfect swells I'm walking out with surfboard underarm and fishing gear thrown over my shoulder.

I expect to be arrested, beaten, handcuffed, humiliated, and called crazy.

Maybe I am but I would be even crazier not to stand up for my freedom;afterall, it is mine.

I will not be doing this in protest or for anyone else or for any organized group.

I alone have decided that the only way to challenge others deceitful actions against my liberties is to peacefully exercise my rights that were deceitfully denied and taken away.

SHAME ON ALL THOSE WHO OPPOSE FREEDOM and I expect that on the chosen perfect day of fishing and surfing I will do so alone with just a few friends that will travel with me to document what could be my last surfing and fishing trip.

I've been free to explore, travel, and surf all my life and these ignorant and unjust laws are just no longer acceptable.

In jail they may just bring me WATER & CRACKERS but I've survived on just that all my life - Saltwater and friends that is and I have found it to be just fine.

Seriously folks it is going to be fine because I can feel the 'Point's Energy' drawing me to her - I can feel her magic in my bones - I just know that it will be a perfect day as it has been for me in the past and I know that this trip will be one of the best SURFING & FISHING memories of all - ah the Salt Air of Hatteras Island - the smell and feel of PURE FREEDOM.

Gotta go start packing in preparation of another perfect day 'at the POINT'.

Anyone have a FIRST AID KIT just in case I need one?

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