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Global Surf Network thanks Steve Thompson, the owner, of Morro Negrito Surf Camp in Panama for making such a generous donation in support of GSN's Surf Film Festivals 'Rock The Coast' Concerts.
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Surf Panama - Morro Negrito Surf Camp

Have you ever dreamed of surfing in a tropical paradise with perfect warm water waves to you and your friends? Well, this is your opportunity!

Morro Negrito surf camp opened in June 1998 and ever since has been recognized for some of the best waves in Central America. The surf camp is located on a small island off the Pacific coast of Panama. The surfing takes place on two islands. One being the big island and the other the small island. The larger island has the living accommodations as well as several great breaks. The smaller island is where some of the bigger surf is caught.

Surfing isn't the only great thing about Morro Negrito. You can go diving, fishing, exploring, or just relax on a hammock. The island has a variety of wild life including monkeys, deer, parrots and many other types of birds.

Morro Negrito surf camp is a wonderful place for almost anyone to go. There is a wide variety of breaks from beginner to a professional level. The surroundings are gorgeous so even if you don't surf Morro Negrito is great place to be!

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Each unique book is hand-numbered and hand-signed and will come with signed certificates of authenticity. Additionally, you will receive a commemorative medallion of The Endless Summer 50th Anniversary of its Global Release, as well as your own piece of history: Five frames of the original film print.


You will literally own your very own piece of history as each book is completely different and packed with artifacts from the film, including a 5-Full Frame Film Strip from the Original Film Print, a Remastered DVD of The Endless Summer, a certificate of authenticity hand-signed by Filmmaker Bruce Brown, iconic Graphic Designer John Van Hamersveld, and the American Surfers featured in the Endless Summer, Robert August and Mike Hynson. Not to mention letters, postcards, maps.

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